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Combining international expertise with local knowledge
Founded in August 2014, International Energy Group - IEG is a leading oil & gas company headquartered
in Singapore. IEG is a 100% subsidiary of New Silkroutes Group Limited, a listed company on Singapore
Exchange Mainboard, which was originally established as Digiland International Ltd in 1994.

The business activities of our parent company, New Silkroutes Group, include oil & gas, power generation
& gas storage projects, enterprise info-communication system integration, network security, sales of
electronic and information technology products, and health science solutions.

IEG has leading role in global oil & gas business and a strong position in the region in the oil processing,
international trading, crude oil and oil products distribution activities.

IEG is comprised of several affiliated companies wholly or partially owned. One of these companies, IEG
Malta Limited, headquartered in Malta, is the JV company between IEG and Maltese Government. IEGML is
an active participant in European oil markets that undertakes asset investment projects, such as building
strategically located oil storage facilities.

IEG also manages a regional network of wholesalers with distribution channels in Korea, Vietnam and
neighboring countries. With IEG's support, these wholesalers contribute their domestic market by
modernization and revitalization of the retail network.

IEG is committed to doing business in accordance with sustainable development, which means that it strives
towards integrating economic, environmental and social factors in its daily operations. Trying to make energy
available, IEG wants to be a driver of social and economic development, taking care of people and the
environment while fostering responsible business operations and local partnerships.

International Energy Group started oil products transactions on the Platt's window by participating in the
Platt's "Market on Close" assessment since 24 Feb 2016.